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Paper cutting

To meet the needs of our customers, we have five professional sheeting machines, characterized by high quality of cut, which allows us to work with many leading companies in the paper branch.

Current machinery park enables us to cut papers within weights from 32 g/m2 up to 800 g/m2 carton board .

We offer to cut paper on all formats in the field (reel to a sheet):

  • Minimum size: 210 mm × 297 mm
  • Maximum size: 1650 mm × 2080 mm

Specifications and size of the reels used:

  • reel widths: from 400mm to 1650mm
  • reel diameter: up to 2000mm
  • reel weight: up to 3500kg
  • We accept all common used dimensions of cores: 76mm , 150mm , 300/305mm

Our services also include:

  • Packaging – as a standard in thermo shrink foil or stretch foil (it is possible to determine the individual wrapping)
  • Pallet labeling in accordance with the needs of the customer ,
  • Pallet flagging
  • Paper ream wrapping
  • security of the top of the paper stack is of MDF board or corrugated cardboard,
  • plastic banding tape, corner protections and angle protections etc.

Gemipap also manufactures for their own use disposable wooden pallets, making it able to shorten the delivery time to a minimum.

Additionally we offer the possibility of cutting sheets (sheet to sheet): Cutting the sheet to the desired sheet size: max. length 2,030 mm x max. width 1,760 mm.

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