Carpentry shop

We assemble pallets fully tailored to your needs

We have our own carpentry shop where we professionally assemble wooden pallets.
Our pallets are created with the diverse needs of customers in mind meeting both standard requirements
as well as adapting to individual preferences.

We use only the highest quality wood which guarantees not only the solidity but also the durability of our products.
Our pallets are precisely tailored to the specified dimensions which makes
that they are ideal for both complex sheeting and rewinding projects as well as for standard use.

We provide flexibility in terms of pallet format which means there are no limits for us.
We are ready to meet even the most non-standard customer expectations.
By choosing our company you choose:

  • solidity,
  • quality,
  • comprehensive approach to the needs.

How we can help you



Professional rewinding from reel to reel while cutting paper, cardboard, foil and paper-like materials lengthwise.

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Arkuszowanie w Gemipap


Cutting from reel to sheet and from sheet to sheet. We cut with minimal trim and guaranteeing the highest quality.

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Przygotowywanie, pakowanie do wysyłki z Gemipap


High-quality packaging and preparation of the assortment for sale or shipment. We guarantee the protection of each product.

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Logistyka w Gemipap


We provide a high-bay warehouse and provide professional logistics and forwarding services both in Poland and abroad.

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