Przewijanie Rewinding

We offer professional rewinding services

We offer professional rewinging from reel to reel with simultaineously longitudinal cutting of paper, cardboard, foil and paper-like products.
Our machine park has a wide range of different parameters, so we can provide and give you the choice in:

  • change the width of jumbo reel to smaller – in result you can take more diverse projects: from small reels up to big jumbo rolls
  • change the diameter – so it is perfectly fitted to your own machines. We guarantee to produce reels at the same diameters, saving your time in further production
  • change the beam – it allows us to provide reels with precise length.This solution allows you to reach advertising market.
  • change core which allows us to provide product suitable for your own machines thanks to this we can avoid technical problems during production.

How we can help you

Arkuszowanie w Gemipap


Cutting from reel to sheet and from sheet to sheet. We cut with minimal trim and guaranteeing the highest quality.

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Konfekcjonowanie w Gemipap


High-quality packaging and preparation of the assortment for sale or shipment. We guarantee the protection of each product.

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Logistyka w Gemipap


We provide a high-bay warehouse and provide professional logistics and forwarding services both in Poland and abroad.

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Stolarnia w Gemipap

Carpentry shop

We make wooden pallets which are perfect for transport and storage. We will prepare pallets fully tailored to your requirement

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