Arkuszowanie papieru Sheeting

We are at your disposal

Coming ahead of our clients needs we provide sheeting service. We have highly advanced machine park which allows us to cut from reels to sheets and from sheets to sheets. Parameters allows us to provide a wide range of sheet sizes, so you can expand your offer. potential of your company.

We are able to cut with minimum trim. Thanks to this we guarantee the highest quality of cutting, perfect sheets angles and small waste. In effect, by providing the sheets with required parameters, we minimize your costs by eliminating any claims.

We offer individual approach to process of securing the final product.
Our pallets combined with solid packaging will assure proper safeness of your goods during the transport, what allows us to deliver it even to the other end of the World intact.

We take on cutting of different types of paper and paper-like materials therefore we gave you a wide range of choice in cutting sheets. thanks to this you can reach to the most demanding clients on the polygraphic market.

How we can help you

Przewijanie papieru z roli na rolę


We offer professional rewinding from reel to reel while cutting paper, cardboard, foil and paper-like materials lengthwise.

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Przygotowywanie, pakowanie do wysyłki z Gemipap


High-quality packaging and preparation of the assortment for sale or shipment. We guarantee the protection of each product.

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Logistyka w Gemipap


We provide a high-bay warehouse and provide professional logistics and forwarding services both in Poland and abroad.

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Stolarnia Gemipap

Carpentry shop

We make wooden pallets which are perfect for transport and storage. We will prepare pallets fully tailored to your requirement.

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